Elizabeth Lowe

Senior Animal Caretaker - Small Animals

Elizabeth started with us in 2013 as a small animal caretaker. Elizabeth has a great way with the animals and also with people. Her skills and experience brought her to the position of Senior Animal Caretaker where she supervises the daily operations in the small animal facility.

When Eloise, the pig, first came to the farm, she was put in the small animal facility for her to recover from her abuse/neglect situation. Elizabeth became a key person in Eloise’s recovery. And it is fair to say that Eloise and her 6 babies have become a place of peace and comfort for Elizabeth. Even though the pigs are now living down in the barn, Elizabeth is still involved in their daily care. She helps nurture them, they help nurture her. The perfect situation. We are very lucky to have Elizabeth as a vital part of our animal care team.