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Sponsor an Animal and Make a Difference in Their Life

Sponsor a Spring Farm CARES AnimalYou can sponsor many of the animals in our sanctuary and make a direct difference in their lives. Every penny of your donation goes directly to the care of the animals. Sponsorships help us to continueproviding high quality care for our animals. Many have special needs or are on long-term medications, etc. You directly make the difference to provide a home to the homeless and respite for the elderly and those with special needs.

Annual Sponsorships - $100

You will receive a picture of your sponsored animal, as well as a quote from them. And you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference in their lives.

Please note that animals can have more than one sponsor!


Here's How to Sponsor

There are three ways to sponsor an animal. (To find an animal to sponsor, see the links below).

1. Use our Secure Donation Page with your Visa or MasterCard by clicking the donation button below. In the Comments section, write the name of the animal you would like to sponsor.


Donate to Spring Farm CARES


2. You can use PayPal to Sponsor an Animal by clicking the orange donate button below. You do not have to have a Paypal account to use this. Paypal does not allow us to place a comment section on their form, so please send an email to: information@springfarmcares.org and let us know who you'd like to sponsor.



3. You can mail us a check or money order to Spring Farm CARES, 3364 State Route 12, Clinton, NY 13323. Please indicate the name of the animal you would like to sponsor. Or you can phone us at (315) 737-9339, M-F, 9am-4pm and we'll gladly help set this up for you.


Which Animals can I Sponsor?

You can choose from any animals on our site that have the red "Sponsor Me" heart next to their profile. The links below will take you to the animal's pages.


Sponsor a Spring Farm CARES Cat Sponsor a Cat


Sponsor a Spring Farm CARES Dog Sponsor a Dog



Sponsor a Spring Farm CARES Horse Sponsor a Horse


Sponsor a Spring Farm CARES GoatSponsor a Goat


Sponsor a Pig at Spring Farm CARES


Sponsor a Pig