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Videos From Our Nature Sanctuary

Below are some videos produced by our Sanctuary Director, Matt Perry. Matt does an extraordinary job with the sanctuary but is just as amazing filming and photographing the flora and fauna of the sanctuary. These videos are both entertaining and educational. We hope you enjoy them.

Video List

  1. The Red-eyed Vireo
  2. The Pileated Woodpecker
  3. The Baltimore Oriole
  4. The Hermit Thrush
  5. Co-Existing With Beavers - Excerpt

You can also check out our Nature Sanctuary blog, Tales from the Wilds, to read wonderful stories of the Nature Sanctuary along with Matt's wonderful photos and videos.


Living Portraits: The Red-Eyed Vireo

Meet the Red-eyed Vireo. This video was taken by our Conservation Director, Matt Perry.


Living Portraits: The Pileated Woodpecker

Meet the Pileated Woodpecker. This incredible video footage in the Spring Farm CARES Nature Sanctuary, shot by Matt Perry, is a rare glimpse at an amazing species.

Living Portraits: The Baltimore Oriole

Meet the Baltimore Oriole. We have an increasing population of Orioles at the Sanctuary as the habitat continues to improve for them. They were hit pretty hard by the loss of most of their preferred nesting trees - the American Elm, but they've been increasingly adapting to other trees like Maples, Willows, and Poplars.

Living Portraits: The Hermit Thrush

Meet the Hermit Thrush, which is one the finest singers in the entire avian chorus. For us the Hermit Thrush is a transient visitor, but as our habitats improve and evolve, we believe that they may one day nest at the Sanctuary.

Beavers and Wetland Conservation

Below is an 8 minute excerpt from a video presentation, Co-Existing with Beavers, produced by Beavers: Wetlands and Wildlife and Spring Farm CARES. This video footage is shot by our Conservation Director, Matt Perry and gives an introduction to the importance of beavers and their role in maintaining our crucial wetlands.