Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary
Tours with Matt Perry

Come For a Tour of the Nature Sanctuary

Our resident naturalist, Matt Perry, is on hand all year round to educate and inform guests about our sanctuary and about all of our on-going projects. Besides being the full-time Director of the Nature Sanctuary, Matt has an enormous knowledge of the flora and fauna and we can promise that a tour with him will be very enjoyable as well as educational. His love for the sanctuary is very evident in all that he does and he loves to share that with anyone who wishes to learn more. To arrange for a tour of the Nature Sanctuary with Matt or to have Matt do a presentation for your group or organization, please call the Spring Farm CARES office at (315) 737-9339, M-F, 9am-4pm.


What Can You See at the Nature Sanctuary?


Barred Owl in the Nature Sanctuary

175 species of birds have been catalogued here, about 50 of which have been confirmed as breeding on the property. Our updated bird checklist is available to anyone interested. The list includes information regarding species that breed here, spend the winter, and migrate through.





One of the many native plants in the Nature Sanctuary

Over 325 species of flowering plants have been catalogued at the sanctuary. These include: Bloodroot, Miterwort, Spikenard, and Shinleaf. Many other native flowers and herbs are being introduced and will bloom in coming seasons. Please call and ask for a copy of our wildflower checklist.






Trees in the Nature Sanctuary

Well over 8,000 trees representing more than 75 different indigenous species have been planted and are on their way to becoming a unique forest/arboretum. 58 species of butterfly have been found sampling the nectar of the sanctuary's many flowers. Our updated butterfly checklist is available to anyone who is interested.




One of the beavers in the Nature Sanctuary

Among our resident wildlife are: Beavers, Coyote, Gray Fox, Ermine, Northern Flying Squirrel, Hummingbird Moth, Hickory Hairstreak (butterfly species), Wood Turtle, Wood Frog, American Woodcock, Scarlet Tanager, and Blue-winged Warbler, and many many more.