Spring Farm CARES Animal and Nature Sanctuary
Animal Messages
December 31, 2017

Inspirational Messages from our Animals

Every day from Thanksgiving thru December 31, we will post a message from one of the Spring Farm CARES animal residents. This is their gift to all of you to help beat the holiday blahs, the commercialism, and to remind us of what truly is important. Animals are great at reminding us to be in the present moment. Their loving insights on what is most meaningful to them is truly inspirational.
(All messages are through Animal Communicator, and SFC co-founder Dawn Hayman.)

We hope you enjoy and all of us wish you a happy and peaceful Holiday Season!


The animals were all asked to respond to this question:
What brings you the most joy in your life? For what are you most grateful?


December 31, 2017

Cricket, catCricket: Hi Everyone! Before I begin telling you what I’m most grateful for, I have to let you know that although I am so gorgeous, I am not up for adoption. I actually adopted Dawn this year. I found her wandering lost one day over in the small animal facility and the minute I saw her I knew she needed me. And I was right. Whew, being her office cat is a LOT of work. But I get to see and hear and feel so much. I am grateful to have a window into the lives of so many animals and to be touched by the energy of so many of you. I am grateful to be a part of this farm every day and to help bring joy in all the ways that I can find to the creation of this ongoing adventure. I am grateful to look ahead to this new year with wonder and excitement of all we can create. So, while I am gearing up to be all the support I can be, I’d like to thank you for participating in all of this too. Trust me, we do a lot of things here in this office. This computer screen is like a window to the world and to other realms. You have no idea! I work very hard.



December 30, 2017

Mabel, catMabel: I have been around for a very long time. I am most grateful for having had the opportunity to live this life every single day. That doesn’t mean that things always went the way I had hoped they would. In fact, sometimes things seemed like I had some bad luck. But the truth is that I always found my way to good luck on the other side of the hard times. Hard times will pass. But they can also teach you things you wouldn’t have otherwise known. When things seem down, try to find one simple thing to be grateful for and you will find that one turns into another and another. That is the wisdom I’d like to share. There is always time and space to be grateful. Always.







December 29, 2017

Murfee, donkeyMurfee: My friend Noah told me I had to say something this year. Last year was my first year in this life. I gave a message that was kind of cocky. This year, I didn’t quite know what to say. I have indeed discovered that it is best to slow down a little and be humble enough to learn from others. In fact, Noah tells me if I’m truly as smart as I think I am than I will learn to listen. I am grateful for big ears to hear with so that I may listen to as much as I can. It’s all about listening. It makes me happy to be me. It’s the only thing I need to learn how to do. But it’s a big thing!







December 28, 2017

Halo, catHalo: Some people have said that I am a nasty cat. But they fail to understand me. I am not grumpy. But I am protective of who I am because I have often been subjected to other people’s ideals of who I should be. I am me. Sometimes it takes great strength to be who we are and to stand strong in our own space. I am so grateful when people understand me. And I find joy in being alive and being me.






December 27, 2017

Molly, ponyMolly: I am grateful to have found an inner vision that far surpasses the eyesight I once had. I may be blind but I do not live in darkness. I found a light inside myself that shines brightly. I am most grateful for a family of horses who solidly support one another no matter our differences. We are all as different as night and day but we operate as one herd. All for one and one for all. It brings light to darkness. It brings joy to chase away sorrow. And it brings strength in the face of fear and dismay. I now know great joy in my life. I once thought I had it all to be a fancy show pony. It is only now that I see how lost I was back then. I have found something much more precious. Close your eyes and look at what is inside of you. The only way to find that is to stop looking outside of yourselves and look within. That is how I found my joy.



December 26, 2017

Olivia,catOlivia: One could look at me and be struck most by what is missing, but you would then be missing the best part of me. I lost one of my legs many years ago when someone else’s carelessness got me hurt. But I am not a cat with a missing leg. Because I am grateful for the other three legs that I have and the ability to move around freely in my life now that I am safe. I am grateful for so much. I may have lost a leg. But I found my home and a place for me to be safe. Joy is understanding that sometimes painful things happen but if we keep moving through them, we can find happiness on the other side.





December 25, 2017
Merry Christmas

Nell, horseNell: If ever there was a horse in this world who has something to be grateful for it is me. Sometimes, I still can feel the despair I felt only a few months ago, starving and watching my friends die. I wanted to give up too. It was hard to push forward. I lost my eye from a bad infection. But now I am healthy. I am forever grateful for people lending me their strength when I had none left for myself. I am grateful for people who stuck with me when I was falling apart. I needed them and they came. I still need them and they still come and help me. These people who love me now stay by my side and help me feel safe. This is new to me. And I am so grateful. If you find yourself thinking you are lost, please think of me. Because out of darkness can come great light. I swear to you it is true. Believe and it shall be. Do not lose hope. Your heart can be free to love and laugh and shine again.



December 24, 2017

O'Malley, catO'Malley: Making others laugh brings me great joy. I am known as a bit of an imp in my cat room. Well, some of my cat friends call me other things too, but I basically like clowning around a lot. I think one of the greatest gifts we all possess is the ability to smile. Yes, even cats smile. Smiling is so very pleasant, isn’t it? And I think that along with the ability to smile comes the responsibility to help others smile too. I have noticed that if I’m grumpy then others around me will be grumpy too. But a simple smile or gentle purr can change a whole lot of things into magic.








December 23, 2017

Ziek, horseZiek: For sure the greatest thing I am grateful for is my horse family. My human family is pretty nice too! But I am learning so much from so many different opportunities. I think all of the horses here combined must have enough wisdom to teach the world about many things. I didn’t understand that when I first came here. I kind of was not listening – to anything really. Now I am listening – with great intent. I am grateful for the wise ones who have come before me. I hope I can make them proud.






December 22, 2017

Merlin, African Grey ParrotMerlin: I am grateful for the freedom to be me. People may think I am locked in a cage but that is really not true. In fact, I see people walking around all the time who think they are free but who have locked themselves in a cage that is much more limiting than mine. My heart flies free because I have learned to fly. You can do the same. It is your choice to lock yourself away or to let your heart be free. I’ll tell you what I think – you’d be much happier being free. Fly. Let your joy be free.




December 21, 2017

Ryder, catRyder: Friends are my joy in life and for what I am most grateful. I may not have a lot to say but I love to know that I am safe to be me and to explore what I came here to learn. I do not live up to most human’s expectations. But I have watched so many of my cat friends navigate their lives in many different ways. They make different choices and decisions than I do and I can learn from them. I have learned to be patient and tolerant. And they tell me that those very things I have learned from all of them is what makes me a great friend to them too. I think we should all take the time to learn how to be a good friend. I think the world would look much different somehow.






December 20, 2017

Clyde, horseClyde: This will sound odd from me and my human friends will be surprised by my answer I think. But I am most grateful for the land of this farm. It is such a powerful and safe place. When I came here a few years ago, I was not very grounded. But this land offers me something that really makes my heart feel more solid. For the first time, I feel like I am a part of this Earth in a big way. We have amazing sunsets and sunrises and moon beams and rainbows. The deer come and bless us too. We watch fawns grow up and play safely among us. It is safe here. And with that safety, I am learning to find my own inner voice and learning to trust my heart. For that, I am profoundly grateful and never want to leave here.






December 19, 2017

Luna, goatLuna: I know. Everyone is waiting for me to say something funny or witty this year right? I found out last year that you guys are amazing out there. I mentioned that what I wanted to see in the world was more peppermints and suddenly packages of peppermints started arriving by the boxfuls. It was actually quite funny. But I began thinking about this. If I could produce large quantities of peppermints for me and my friends, what else could I do? The world was pretty much wide open. Know what I mean? Creating is fun. But it is also serious business. Creating – if you do it right – carries enormous responsibility. So, would you help me out again? Let’s create a conversation. How about you reply to me here and tell me what you are grateful for in life. I dare you to write it down. Let’s combine our gratitude. Make my post here a great big success. I tell you now, I will feel it fill our farm with joy. Let me know what you are grateful for, and then pass that gratitude along in your day today too. We will create something magnificent together! Come on now, don’t be shy. If we can do this, so can you.



December 18, 2017

Henry, horseHenry: I am the newest horse here in the barn and I didn’t quite know if I had anything to say but this is kind of cool actually. I am most grateful for friends. I have always wanted to belong in a herd that I knew would be steady. Not many horses find that anymore. It is true. I’ve talked to many horses. We belong in a herd. It is our family. Yet, most of us get moved from one place to the next and lose our families in the process – over and over again. For me to be here now is like a dream come true. I’m still getting used to it being real. I am very grateful to be here.




December 17, 2017

Beulah Mae, catBeulah Mae: When I was asked to participate in this message ritual I at first said I had nothing to say. But, I looked around me and thought how silly that is. I felt I had nothing profound to say like some of the others. We even have a pig here who seems to think she has a lot to say because she thinks she is so smart. And the truth is she is smart. But I have a lot to be grateful for and I don’t want to be shy to say thank you. Because if I feel I’m not good enough to say something wise, I need to be wise enough to say something good. I am grateful to be alive and to be here and that makes me happy.



December 16, 2017

Ginny, horseGinny: It takes so little to feel gratitude actually. I don’t have to think for long before I find things to be grateful for. But I will say that friendship is what I am most joyful about. I am relieved to be loved for who I am and not judged by what I can or cannot do for someone. I try to be kind and gentle and then people treat me the same way. I think all people could try this and you’d be amazed at what you would find.








December 15, 2017

Gizmo, catGizmo: I am most grateful to feel safe. I gave in once to despair and I must never allow that to happen again. Life is precious. I am grateful for the people who care for me and who let me love them too. I am happy to watch my cat friends play. I am grateful for each and every day. I think it is important to be grateful and to let others know how grateful you feel too. I hope you will stop during your day today and tell someone you are grateful for in your life just how grateful you are. It will mean a lot to them.





December 14, 2017

Mack,border collieMack: This is one of my favorite things to do. Many people come visit here and never see me for who I am. But those who come here to listen to what I have to share, find out who I am. But more importantly, they find out something about themselves that they never knew before. That is my gift. I am profoundly grateful to be given the opportunity to touch a heart that is afraid to be touched or to show someone who feels they are not worthy that indeed they are worthy of so much in life. All of us have gifts to give. And we all can learn from one another. Be who you are. The world needs you to be you. No one else can do that. Just you.








December 13, 2017

Leo, donkeyLeo: The times I have learned the most about gratitude is when I couldn’t find it. Gratitude should be living inside us like our breath does. But just as it is easy to forget our awareness of breathing, it is also easy to lose sight of gratitude. Breathe in compassion, breathe out gratitude. I have not always known the gift of compassion towards me or my animal friends. But it was indeed compassion that rescued us from hopelessness, gave us hope again, and when I then found gratitude. Just keep breathing. In with compassion, outward with gratitude. We would all be more joyful if we could all remember this.









December 12, 2017

Chipper, rabbitChipper: I am so excited to have been asked to do this. I am grateful for a lot of things. First and foremost, I am grateful to be alive and to have the honor of being a bunny. I love all things that this bunny life can experience. I love my friends and I am grateful to get to know anyone who wants to get to know me. Recently I even became friends with a marvelous pig who loves life like I do. Joy is simple. Joy is never complex or wrong. That is an amazing thing bout joy. I like to live joyfully. I hope you do too.






December 11, 2017

Jeremy, horseJeremy: I have learned to be grateful for even the smallest of things. It is easy to walk through life without seeing what is right in front of us. Sometimes the things we hold most dear are not even really known to us until we come to our senses. We can dream of having the greatest love in our lives, but if we at the same time hold the belief that it will never happen, then we won’t see it when it does. I’ve learned this. I have my farm now. I have my barn. I have my friends. I know great love. I am home. But I was here for a long time before I really understand where I was. Beliefs are strong and guide us in life one way or another. Believe that it is true – and it will be. That is the gift I am most grateful to have found and pass along to you.



December 10, 2017

Cornelius, siamese catCornelius: People think I have nothing to say because I don’t say too much. But being quiet doesn’t mean I’m not participating in things. It just means I’m paying attention to great detail. I am learning a lot about myself from listening to others. Sometimes we can talk too much about nothing while we don’t say the most important things. I like to take my time and listen. I am grateful to feel comfort from those who care for me. And I am joyful for the opportunity to be alive. It is a gift I cherish.




December 9, 2017

Daisy, sheepDaisy: Sometimes I can find just the right sort of clover that is extremely tasty and I realize that in that moment nothing matters but me and that patch of clover. In that moment there is nothing more important. I find great joy in small things. I know that if life suddenly meant living in a mud lot with not a blade of grass, I’d know true sadness. And I know there are other animals who live that very way and it makes me sad. I am grateful for every single blade of grass. It gives me hope that others will find their clover patches too.






December 8, 2017

Mabel, donkeyMabel: I’m grateful for my whole family of donkey friends. There is something amazing about finding where you belong in life. I am old. I was tired. But my life feels renewed now. These youngsters need me for guidance. It’s true. But the truth is that I need them too. I have not always been patient. Sometimes I lost my way. But in helping guide others, I found a part of myself that I had lost long ago. I never thought I’d find this in my life. I have respect from others that helped me learn to respect myself. I still have a lot to learn. I still have lots of growing to do. I am worthy now of giving something I never knew I had to give. And that makes me feel like a very grateful donkey.








December 7, 2017

Viva, Quarter Horse mixViva: As the official elder here on the farm now – and I hold that title with great pride – I want to say that one should always be grateful of the power of friends. I have been sick a few times and was for a while this year. It was my friends, human and horse, that I relied on. The greatest thing is that I knew I could. No matter how quirky I am (and it is true that I can be just a little quirky) they all stick with me through thick and thin. In tough times, it is good to know you have those you can rely on to make you remember why life is worth fighting for even when you feel like you can’t fight any more. Treasure those people or animals in your life. Hold them close. And do not ever take them for granted. And you will know great joy.



December 6, 2017

Izzy, catIzzy: This year I lost a lot of my friends - most especially my sister Bella. I asked to be a part of the messages this year because I know a lot of you have lost loved ones too. It is easy to be sad when we can’t see them with us anymore. But it is important to not get lost in that sadness. I am filled with joy to have known such amazing friends. I miss Bella but she is with me in my heart every minute of every day. We lost 5 horses and 2 goats from our barn this year. All because they were sick or just old. But we all cannot get lost in sadness. We must be aware of the joy they are in our lives and be filled with gratitude to love them enough that we miss them. Thank you for letting me share this.




December 5, 2017

Grace, dogGrace: I love all of life. I’ve never taken being alive for granted. Being able to run gives me great joy. I get so much joy that sometimes it explodes out of me through barking. And I am very grateful to be alive and to have such a wonderful family.








December 4, 2017

Shawnee, horseShawnee: This year I was given an amazing gift. People didn’t understand me and I felt like I was in the woods hiding behind a tree watching everyone else play while I stayed alone. But this year, someone took the time to find me. I came out of the forest and met them half way. I am very grateful for the patience and understanding of others. And I look forward to finding and sharing more. We all need to feel appreciated and understood. Hang on to those around you who make you feel that way. And let them know how grateful you are to have them. They need to hear that from you too.



December 3, 2017

Lorinda, catLorinda: The fact that I look different than other cats is irrelevant to me. This year was a difficult year for me in that I lost my home. Maybe some of you have lost people, animals, or a place – loved ones who brought us safety. I found that it was easy to get lost in the emptiness of the loss. I was sad. But what I discovered is that actually, I truly do love people. Although I lost my home, I still ended up here where it is safe. I am honored to accept the love offered to me now in this new home. I don’t have to live up to someone’s expectations of how I should be. I simply can be me. Joy, I think, is the only outcome of following our hearts. Allowing love in, brings joy. And gratitude then is the only response I could possibly have in return. I am not lost. I was found. And it feels good to understand the difference.




December 2, 2017

Felix, donkeyFelix: I am filled with joy when I feel the warmth of the sun and the gentleness of a breeze. I love to smell the wind and where it’s been. Sometimes, I stand in the sun on a breezy day and I send my hopes downwind for someone else to feel. I always wonder if some other donkey miles away can feel my breath in the wind. People may not think I’d think things like that. But I do. I think we all should send kind thoughts to one another. It would make the world more peaceful.









December 1, 2017

Delilah, mini pigDelilah: Oh! I am so excited! This is my first year here and they tell me I am the first pig to give a message. I’m so honored. When I was asked to do this I asked how many pages I could write, but sadly I was told to keep it short. But I have so much to say! There are so many things that make this little pig’s life a good one. But top on the list is companionship. I love so many beings in my life. I have people and cats and dogs and birds and rabbits…. Oh so many options of others to share with and learn from. I feel like I am only getting started. Here is the thing I want you to know. Happiness is what you make it. You can make it be little and hide it away. Or you can make it be huge and expansive and share it with everyone you meet. I am grateful to share my joy. Come see me sometime, I’ll show you!





November 30, 2017

Tipper, cockatielTipper: Many people have looked at me with pity and some even call me “that poor little bird.” They are not understanding me. I am neither poor nor little. I am a huge soul with a very rich life. You see, I cannot use my legs as once I could so I cannot perch as would be normal for me. Instead, my human friends built me a special house where I can get along just as I need. I have magnificent songs that I sing. I put my whole heart into my songs. When people come in and say, “oh what a magnificent song you have!”, then I know they understand me for who I am. But some of them, no matter how great my song is and how much of my heart I put into it for them, just never see the beauty and only judge me by a standard that they impose on me as to what my life should look like. I am truly grateful for those who see me for who I am and hear my song and understand my heart. That brings me great joy and allows me to sing even louder and stronger.




November 29, 2017

Albright, catAlbright: I have had a lot of opportunity in life for many joyous things. It is also true that I have had a lot of difficult things. Sometimes when times are hard, it is difficult to find joy in every moment. But I think the challenge in life is to keep looking ahead because the truth is that you will find what you are looking for. If you believe joy is up ahead – it will be. If you believe it is going to be difficult – it will be. Someone dumped me in the middle of a busy highway and I had nowhere to go. But it only took one person to stop and offer me help. Then it was up to me to run to them. And I did. And I’m here. And I’m filled with joy and gratitude.






November 28, 2017

Noah, donkeyNoah: In the past year, I have learned a lot of things. The greatest thing I learned was to accept the love that was being offered to me. At first I was afraid to accept it. I was kind of my own guy who didn’t need anyone else in life. Oh boy, did I have a lot to learn. It is ok to need. In fact, we all need others in our lives. When we slip into our own fear of acknowledging that, then we shut ourselves off from the grace of those who truly do love us for who we are. When we doubt ourselves and our own worth, then we also tend to think we don’t need others. It doesn’t matter if you were let down by others before. The true joy in life comes from trusting your own need to love and be loved. It is indeed the greatest gift of your life waiting to unfold and blossom inside of you. It blossomed inside of me this year and I am so grateful to feel that. I am worthy of being loved and I now can need others and know its ok. How lucky can one donkey be?




November 27, 2017

Lucy, gooseLucy: I am grateful for the sun on a cold day and the breeze on a warm day. Life is full of contradictions. Yet those contradictions are really only things that create balance. A cool breeze on a hot day. The warmth of sun on a cold day. A rainbow as it rains. Balance. Like love shining through hatred. And hope replacing despair. Be the balance. That is what I think.






November 26, 2017

Charlie, ponyCharlie: Once I was left alone in a field to die. But I didn’t. I was lonely. I was afraid at times. But I had something no one understood – the determination to survive. We all face hard times and others who don’t understand us and even may hurt us. But our hearts must journey on. I have found such love and peace now. I no longer struggle to survive. I now dedicate my time to spreading joy to others. Life is too short to live it in sadness and despair. We could all change the world today if we put our hearts in to it. I am grateful for the opportunity to be alive.




November 25, 2017

Corey, catCorey: I am very joyful about having friends. My cat buddies mean so much to me. We all learn from one another and try to help each other understand things. Sometimes life can get confusing. It is very helpful when we can lean on one another. We also love our human friends who not only take care of us but who also share their hearts. It makes me feel all warm inside even on the coldest of days.







November 24, 2017

Jake, yellow lab/chow mixJake: As I have grown older, I walk a bit slower. My eyes don’t see as clearly. My ears are not as crisp. My thinking is a bit foggier. My gait a bit wobbly at times. But my heart has not wavered in how much and how clearly I feel things. I am filled with the joy of being loved and grateful for the opportunity to love in return. My days are coming to a close but my life is as full today as it was when I was a puppy. I still feel like a kid. But I have the wisdom that I’ve learned along the way. I am content and for that I am grateful.






November 23, 2017 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Beth, donkeyMary Beth: I am grateful to have found a place to find out who I am and why I am here. Because you could look at me and feel I have no purpose and that is up to you. But it is up to me to feel and know that I have purpose regardless of what I look like to you. No, I cannot carry great burdens for you. But I bet if you spend a little time with me, I’d show you that I can actually lift a lot of your burdens away from you. That brings me such joy.