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Can We Take Your Animal?

Can We Take Your Animal?

An elderly horse naps in the sun

There is nothing that we would like to do more than to say yes to every call that we get from people asking us to take in their animal(s). Turning them away, hearing the incredibly difficult stories of the circumstances many of these people and animals find themselves in, is very difficult. But the reality is that we have only as much space as we have, and trust us, if there is a space, any space, we have an animal in it. We have a commitment to the animals that are in our care to care for them and provide for them the best life that we can. Over-crowding is one of the biggest stresses and cause of health problems that we could create, so we know the balance that we need to maintain. Each animal room is carefully considered for how many cats or dogs or rabbits that it can house. We base this number on the needs of the residents in those rooms. When we say "no" to taking in another animal, we do so understanding that we could be the last ray of hope for that animal. It is never a decision that we make lightly.

Many times we are asked if we keep a waiting list for animals, especially the horses and farm animals. Regrettably, we can not do that. We do not adopt out the horses and other farm animals. None of the horses are rideable and most are either elderly or have other health/physical or behavioral issues that would make them very difficult to place. That means they live out their days here with us. Many of our horses live into their late thirties, and even to 40 years old. Because the only vacancies we would have come when one of our dear friends dies, we do not keep a list of replacements just waiting for them to leave.

Although we may not be able to take your animal, we may be able to help you find other rescue groups who can help, and/or information that may be helpful to you in order for you to keep your animal with you. Many times we are able to help you find solutions that you may not know about. The following are links to information about some of the most common reasons why people need to get rid of their animal friends.

All have a library or pet care section that have a multitude of articles on all sorts of subjects.