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May 31, 2018

Meet Our Goats & Sheep

Below is a list of all of our goats with their stories of how they got here to the farm and then a quote from each of them at the end. Each one is available to be sponsored. You can make a direct difference in their lives by sponsoring them. Just click the red "Sponsor Me" heart to find out more information.




Thanks to my sponsors

DaisyDaisy, is currently our only sheep, and is estimated to have been born in 2013 and came to the farm in the summer of 2016 after she was found abandoned. A wonderful farmer Sponsor an Animal at Spring Farm CARESfound this lone sheep out with his cows one morning and she was in very rough shape. He managed to catch her after great difficulty and help her. Someone apparently had put her in his fence during the night. Daisy was full of porcupine quills all over her face and even deep inside her mouth. He called us for help and we took her in. Our vet said it was the first sheep she had pulled porcupine quills out of. Daisy is very shy yet very inquisitive and indeed it was her curiosity that obviously didn't score points with the porcupine. She was also very sick with an infection but luckily we were able to help her back to health and Daisy is now living here at our farm with our goats.





Thanks to my sponsorsFinn and Piper Zurmuhlen - December 2017 - December 2018


Flora, female goatFlora arrived at the farm in the summer of 2009 as a youngster, under 6 months old, with another kid the same age named Fauna, a mother goat named Sage, and a young buck named Chip. The four of them were rescued bySponsor an Animal at Spring Farm CARES an animal control officer after the person who had owned them for meat, just opened their pen and let them loose on a rural highway to fend for themselves. Another young buck was killed by coyotes before they could be rescued and another nursing mother was killed as well. Sage took both kids and raised them herself. Now they all enjoy a fun filled, safe life together with us here.

"I will never forget the day we all came here. We all thought we were going to die. And then the world changed from fear and darkness to one of light and hope. We have never been let down again"






Thanks to my sponsorsSharon & Paul Gauthier in Memory of Aneka - June 2018 - May 2019


Lindy, female goatLindy arrived at the farm in the fall of 2008. She was one of Sponsor an Animal at Spring Farm CARESseveral goats who were rescued when a petting zoo was selling them at auction and they were clearly going to be sold for meat. Lindy was a little too bossy with her fellow pygmy goats so we moved her in with our larger goats and sheep. In that group, she nicely found her place at the farm.

"I am who I am and I am happy about that. I love when things are quiet and peaceful and do not like a lot of noise and chaos. Humans know how to make life complicated. Goats know how to make life simple."




Thanks to my sponsors
Ben and Sarah Nativi - December 2017 - December 2018
Marg Benson - June 2016 - May 2018


Luna, goatLuna is a female pygmy goat who was born here at the farm in fall of 2008. Her very pregnant mother Sponsor an Animal at Spring Farm CARES and several other goats were rescued when a petting zoo was selling them at auction and they were clearly going to be sold for meat. Several days later, Luna made her grand entrance. Four of the goats stayed here with us on the farm while the others were placed in loving homes. Luna is a character and a half and what she doesn't have in size, she makes up for in spirit. She has an amazing sense of humor and is an incredible imp. Luna has brought laughter to the farm by the bucket loads and we are grateful to her for her antics.

"My philosophy in life is to make as many friends as I can. Make people laugh as often as I can. Keep things simple. Keep things light. And always - keep things moving."







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