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Fall foliage in the Nature Sanctuary

One of our programs that we are very proud of is our over 250 acre nature sanctuary. Our goal is to preserve and restore the habitat that was once abundant and thriving but is now challenged for survival. Under the direction of our resident naturalist, Matt Perry, the nature sanctuary is a jewel of the farm and of our community.

In this section you can find information about the Nature Sanctuary. You can find out how to take a tour with Matt Perry or have Matt come to your organization and give a presentation about the sanctuary and its plant and animal residents. Matt is also a brilliant photographer and we share some of his photographs of the sanctuary on our Sanctuary Photos Page. He also has many beautiful and educational videos as well and you can view some of those on our Sanctuary Videos Page.

Also, check out the Nature Sanctuary blog, Tales from the Wilds, filled with entries written by Matt Perry along with his amazing photos and videos.

In addition to the Nature Sanctuary, we also have an alternative energy plan for the farm. In a multi-tiered plan to reduce our energy use and our footprint on the planet, we also hope to use alternative methods of energy, such as wind and solar power, hybrid vehicles, and other methods of conservation. See our Alternative Energy Page for full details on this project.


Conservation Outreach

Many times our work extends far past our sanctuary borders and reaches out into the community as a whole. Matt Perry is often able to use his vast knowledge of birds, wildlife, plants, trees, etc to help out in the community at large. Although these projects are not necessarily centered just at our sanctuary, they address the larger ecosystem that our sanctuary is a part of. Afterall, one piece does not exist without the larger piece.

Annotated List of Birds of Oneida County

As part of Spring Farm CARES' Conservation Outreach Program, we are publishing this updated version of an "Annotated List of the Birds of Oneida County". This work is a revision of an original 1911 publication by Egbert Bagg ll of Utica, New York.  Our goal of researching and publishing this list is to promote wildlife habitat conservation in Spring Farm CARES' own home county of Oneida County, New York. This web publication will remain available for anyone to download and use in order to gain a better understanding of the many species of birds that share the environment with us and are impacted by our communities. Our changing methods of land use, our evolving attitudes toward wildlife, the way we live our lives, the way we run our businesses, use resources and enact laws, all have greatly affected the lives of birds and other wildlife in our midst. Our hope is that with this list and with the other conservation projects that Spring farm CARES is involved in, we will help to foster a new conservation ethic; one that leads to an appreciation of the importance of protecting a diverse range of specialized habitats, so that all of our native wildlife will be able to continue to coexist with us in this one mutual home of ours.

male bluebird


Click here to download the PDF:

Annotated List of Birds of Oneida County