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Updated July 12, 2018

Our Beloved Canine Residents

Because most of the dogs that we take in end up being permanent residents, we are not able to take in many new dogs. Our space is very limited and the dogs we have all have very special needs. All of them are with us for the rest of their lives due to various reasons. You can read about each of our dogs below.

Below is a list of all of our dogs. Each one is available to be sponsored. You can make a direct difference in their lives by sponsoring them. Just click the red "Sponsor Me" heart to find out more information. Each dog has a description of how old they are and how they came to the farm, followed by a quote directly from them.




Thanks to my sponsors
From Della - December 2017 - November 2018
In Memory of Sky's No Limit - February 2016 - January 2019


JakeJake found us in 2004. He was about a year old. One day we looked out our window and saw a dog sitting on top of the manure pile. He was just sitting there looking around. We assume someone dropped him off at our farm. He had no collar but obviously had one on at some point. Unfortunately, when he saw us approaching he ran off, darted across the highway, and disappeared into our 250 acre nature sanctuary. Our Conservation Director found him the next morning and we managed to lure him to us with food. We knew instantly we had found ourselves a very friendly, loving dog. We tried to find his people but, of course, no one claimed him.

Jake is a Lab/Chow mix. He is a great dog by all accounts. In fact, we adopted him out to a wonderful home with a young child. He was great with children, great with cats, great with other dogs. Great. Until he had a bad experience where a carpenter in coveralls, unannounced, walked into his house. He charged the man and bit his pant leg. Then it happened a second time, with yet another person in coveralls. The people returned him to us. Jake is a very physically strong dog and it was hard for them to handle him and they had legitimate concerns if he'd bite someone. Sponsor this Animal

Once back here at the farm, we discovered he had generalized his fear now to ALL men in any type of uniform. The UPS delivery guy was top on the list. Followed closely by the FedEx man (Jake doesn't discriminate!), and then our trusted plumber - yes, in coveralls. We realized that this was not just a little problem. Jake goes nuts if he even hears the UPS truck coming up the highway. It sounds pretty funny until you are the one on the other end of the leash when the UPS truck pulls in. Finding a life for this totally loving, wonderful dog, where there would be a guarantee of no uniformed men - ever - was unlikely. Sadly, we knew he would stay forever with us, because without a structured life like we could give him here, Jake would certainly bite someone and his life would be in jeopardy. Jake, however, doesn't feel sad about that at all. He loves it here - which is a good thing for him. And we also love him - which is a good thing for us. You truly could not ask for a nicer dog - with the exception of just that one little problem. Jake has a heart of gold. He loves to play and go for walks. But most of all, he loves and lives to snuggle. Anyone who goes into his room and sits on the floor or on his sofa, finds a big 70 pound pillow stretched across their lap wearing a big smile. Age is slowing Jake down a bit now, but not too much yet and not at all for the UPS truck.

Jake recently had a mass removed that turned out to be a sarcoma. Typically it is a type that does not spread but we will be watching him closely and starting him on a holistic treatment that we have had good success with in the past. We are hopeful that Jake will be with us for some time to come.

"Everything you want in life is within your reach. And if its not, you can run and leap to grab it. Ok, except for the things you shouldn't leap and grab - like the UPS man. Life is fun!"



Thanks to my sponsors

Ed and Sharon Kolodziej - In Memory of Daisy - July 2018 - June 2019
Marg Benson - June 2016 - May 2019
In Memory of Sky's No Limit - December 2015 - November 2019


Border Collie, MackMack came to the farm in 2009. He was estimated to be 3-4 years old. Mack came to us from our friends at Glen Highland Farm, a Border Collie rescue that does extraordinary work. Mack had been found as a stray running in hundreds of acres of wilderness. People had seen him around for at least 6 months. Surviving on whatever scraps and berries and twigs he could find, Mack held on but was in very poor shape when someone was finally able to catch him. Upon arrival at the rescue, they discovered that Mack had much more going on with him than just being thin. A trip to the vet confirmed that Mack had an old and very serious injury to his lower spine. Just at the base of his tail, he had broken his back. Although Mack can now walk, it appears by the scars he had on his feet, that he at one point must have only been able to drag himself around. Yet, he survived all of that, on his own, lost in the wilderness, without a single friend. It is almost inconceivable that he Sponsor this Animalsurvived that.

Mack walks, runs, plays, jumps, chases, herds and does all the normal things an active adult Border Collie likes to do. But Mack was 100% bladder and bowel incontinent. He came to SFC to see if we could do long term rehab and the hope was that he could potentially regain some control. Without that, Mack was not placeable in a home. But while here, Mack decided THIS was his home. He has gained much control of his bladder - but it took almost 2 years for that to happen. He still does not have control over his bowels. So life for Mack has to be in a way that we can keep him clean, yet also give him freedom to be a Border Collie. Mack lives on his terms and it is always a challenge to keep up with him. He is a teacher. He is here for big work, as many Border Collies are. He knows what he likes and he knows what he doesn't like. Ball time is the best. Herding in the dog yard is great. And an occasional snuggle is ok too. All on Mack time. Mack has taught all of us much about ourselves and we are watching him continuously growing and changing and learning to trust again too. Mack may not have a life that looks anything like the typical Border Collie life. But clearly, Mack is forging his own path. Trail blazing something different. Only now, he is not out there in the wilderness alone. Now he has the comfort of knowing he has friends and that he makes a difference in many lives. Mack is not normal. He is special.

"I wasn't sure what my life was all about or what I am here to do. I still don't really know for sure, but I know that the journey to find it is what living is all about. I once gave up on that. But now, its got my interest for sure."