Welcome Max and Gilligan

Today we assisted Susquehanna SPCA in helping with two of five goats that they took in last night in very poor condition. We’ve named them Max and Gilligan. Both are underweight. Max has extreme deformity in his front legs from walking with feet that were overgrown. Gilligan also seems to have problems with lameness in one leg as well as overgrown feet. We are doing full medical workups and will do all we can to help them. Right now, we are helping them to settle in and relax into their new home. We will take this step by step to see what is right for each of them.

This is a case of both people and animals needing help and right now it is a matter of getting everyone involved the help that they need. That is what matters most. We do not put our energy into judging where they’ve been but instead we put our intentions into helping them all get to where they need to be. That is how best we can help one another.