Update on Re-Opening

As of today, June 16th, New York State has lifted most of the Covid restrictions. We are constantly monitoring the situation and carefully assessing the risk level of our staff as to when to fully reopen to visitors. There is nothing we look forward to more than to welcoming visitors back. We have missed you! The animals miss you!

We have eased restrictions with our own staff as per NYS guidelines as of today. We will be reassessing welcoming visitors and volunteers at the end of the month. We will keep you posted!

For the past 18 months, we have been doing all we possibly could to keep our staff healthy and safe so that they could continue to come in to care for the animals each day. We could not do any of this without them. They have done an outstanding job through very difficult and challenging times.

We will update you soon as to when we will finally be open for visitors again.