Unsolved Turkey Mystery

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we always think they will. Someone called us about taking in a turkey that all believed to be a domestic fellow since he was so incredibly friendly. He followed someone all the way home and then stayed at their house for a couple of weeks. He was loving and affectionate as turkeys are. We agreed to take him in our sanctuary.
However, when he got here, we realized that something was not adding up. He sure looked like a wild turkey … but his behavior was indicating otherwise. A quick call to our Director of our Nature Sanctuary, Matt Perry, and he confirmed this is a wild turkey. However, someone either hand raised him or something as he is very imprinted on people. Someone also cut off his spurs and shortened his beard. At first it was thought he was a young turkey but indeed after calling our good friends at Woodhaven Wildlife in Chadwicks, we confirmed he is a wild turkey and actually does have some age to him.

We will never know how he got to where he was and what his whole story is, but we are not licensed to house wildlife. We thank Judy Cusworth

Woodhaven Wildlife Center for giving him a safe place to land.
It’s important to remember that wild animals have very different needs. This guy obviously was looking for something different in his life! We wish him all the very best!