The Spirit of Giving

Every single donation that we get here is important to us for so many reasons. Often we get donations with notes that read, “I so wish I could do more. I hope this small donation helps a little.” The truth is there is no such thing as a donation that is small. Your support isn’t just about money. It is also the giving that is behind the donation. It is your love and thoughts and prayers. It is in short, what you give from your heart. All of that matters – greatly.

We would like to share with you two donors who truly epitomize the ideal of giving. We will do them in two separate posts. We are keeping these donors anonymous because neither of them gave what they did for recognition. They gave selflessly for the sake of giving to another. And we would like to honor that ideal.

The first story is about a donor who is just 13 years old. She has never even been to Spring Farm as she lives in Michigan. She first started sponsoring animals on our website about two years ago. She saved up her allowance from work she does at home, and she would sponsor an animal for each $100 she saved up.  She is a remarkable young lady. She has asked to remain anonymous because she has learned that true giving is not asking for recognition in return. Over the years, the sponsorships just keep coming. We have been deeply touched by her love and generosity.

This year, she sponsored animals continuously all year. And then we got an email from her that she was going to be sending us sponsorships/donations for what she called the 10 days of Christmas. You see, she had saved up $1,000. She was trying for the 12 days of Christmas and ten is what she had. We were stunned. Her mother let us know that this young lady had worked incredibly hard all year, not just at home, but also with a job that she obtained earlier this year. Every penny of her earnings were dedicated to Spring Farm CARES. Not only that, she also asked that all her birthday and Christmas gifts were given to her to donate to the animals as well. Each day for 10 days she sponsored an animal or donated towards a specific project here. And then, just before Christmas, she contacted us that she had an eleventh and twelfth day of Christmas. Her mother later told us that she was given an unexpected bonus from her job and she was then able to  fulfill her 12 days of Christmas donations.

Her goal is to sponsor every one of the SFC animals at least once. She is well on her way. What an amazing person. What a caring and giving heart. We are beyond grateful for all that she does. She is an example of what giving and compassion and kindness are all about.