Sunrise Sonata Over the Farm

Sunrise Sonata on the Farm (Speakers on)

I have noticed a few things over the past few weeks since so many of us have been in shut down. At first, I kept telling myself that it was my imagination. But then several people have been asking me, “Dawn, have you noticed that the birds are singing so much louder this year?” Yes, indeed, I have been noticing the same thing.

Nature is rejoicing in the fact that humans have slowed down and many of us are suddenly listening in a different way. Some, in fact, for the first time. For those of you who have taken my workshops here at the farm, you will recognize this from when we did the exercises on “being present” and how the animals responded. When humans suddenly quiet within themselves, nature rejoices. When humans start listening with their hearts and become present in a moment, animals and all of nature responds.

Some of you may be experiencing this in new ways for yourself. Colors may suddenly seem brighter. The birds seem louder. Stars are brighter. And for many of these things it is because in just this brief time of slow down mode, the environment is healthier. There is less air pollution. There is less noise. There is less commotion. And humans are starting to notice that something is different.

I shot this video first thing this morning as the sun was rising over the farm and the animals were beginning to stir as the human caretakers began to arrive. Eventually, we need to “un-pause” and return to operating again. But, could we all take a collective breath, look at what is around us, and fully realize the difference we can make just by altering our behavior. The Earth is taking a breath and is inviting us to listen to her heartbeat. If you go outside, breathe from your heart and allow yourself to feel present in the moment, you will feel that heartbeat. Savor that. We need to remember this moment and take it in. The Earth needs us to do this.