Special Halloween Anniversary

Today is a most memorable anniversary for Spring Farm CARES. Thirty years ago today, Halloween 1993, we lost our barn that housed our small animals and the living quarters and offices for co-founders Bonnie and Dawn due to a fire started by a freak snow storm. But more than losing a building or our things, we lost 24 small animals (cats, dogs, parakeets). Thirty years later, that night is still etched in our hearts and souls forever.

The fire was started due to the freak Nor Easter that dumped 14 inches of wet heavy snow that night. A power surge from a car hitting a telephone poll started the building on fire. The fire departments had trouble getting to us. We lost it all. It was beyond devastating.

Today, our thoughts go out to the community who stood beside us, helped pick us up, and gave us the strength and hope needed to start all over again, even when we thought we couldn’t. People immediately came in our driveway the next day with clothing and items for immediate survival. We are forever grateful to the fire departments who were here for saving the horses and the horse barn.

You who supported us all these years gave us the most amazing gift of all – your love and support. Because of this amazing community of supporters, we are here 30 years later stronger than ever. It doesn’t seem possible that this much time has gone by.

We will forever be grateful for the love and support we received.
Here is to the next 30 years and beyond!