Animal Message of the Day: Snowball

From Snowball:  “Sometimes life can be tricky. But if you get confused, my suggestion is to go outside and find a place to sit in the grass and just be quiet for a moment. That’s what I do. It helps me clear my head. Then, I eat a little and enjoy simply chewing. Just being […]

Animal Message of the Day: Olivia

From Olivia:  “I love doing this every year. Thank you for asking me again. I know I always volunteer but I think I have a lot to offer. You see, I am missing a leg. It happened after I got stuck in a trap that someone had put out. I didn’t see it and stepped […]

Animal Message of the Day: Felix

From Felix:  “I am most grateful for my friends. It is a blessing to feel safe in another’s heart. I am super blessed because I now have a whole entire family of so many different species. My humans are the keepers of my heart. My donkey buddy Leo is the one I walk the earth […]

A Note From Jessie – It’s time for the messages!

The annual tradition of messages of gratitude from the animals is here! From November 24 (US Thanksgiving Day) through 12/31 we will post a message from an animal. All messages were received and written by animal communicator and SFC Co-founder Dawn Hayman. The question she asked each animal is: What are you grateful for? Or […]

Learning Together

At Spring Farm CARES, we always are learning from the animals. We watch these animals find safety in our sanctuary but they also find new purpose in their lives as teachers. The horses in this video all came from hardship. The human caretakers in the video all came to us originally with no horse experience. […]

Dr. Christine Schneider Certified in Hospice and Palliative Care

Congratulations!!!! Congratulations to our full-time staff veterinarian Dr. Christine Schneider, DVM, cVMA, CHPV on successfully completing her studies for certification as a Hospice & Palliative Care Veterinarian. We are very proud of Dr. Christine! This is a 100 hour intensive continuing education course that enhances all of the skills she already brings to our sanctuary animals. […]

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August Newsletter

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Memorial – Whisper

Memorial to Whisper – August 7, 2022 Today we lost a giant soul in a horse body. Our dear Whisper left us unexpectedly. She was 30 years old. We had the honor of spending the last 10 years of Whisper’s life together. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was also not an easy horse. Whisper was […]

Waylon and Mia Find Joy

About a year ago, Mia and Waylon were found near death and rescued. Today, they were spotted playing in the creek in their pasture. Mia started first and Waylon who was grazing up on the hill saw her and ran down to join her. You can hear the joy of their caretakers watching this unfold. […]

Annual Spring Goat Walk

Every spring Clark, Snowball, and Princess make the trek out from the main barn, where they spend their winters and inclement days, and back out to their pasture and shed where they spend the warmer months. It is always a happy occasion for the goats as well as the humans. A sure sign of spring!

Good Piece on Spring Farm CARES

We thank WPBS in Watertown for doing this piece on Spring Farm CARES. Although it was filmed a couple of years ago, the information is still current and shows the farm and our mission very well.

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Donkey Anniversary

Four years ago today, we rescued 7 mini-donkey and a pregnant pig from a horrific neglect situation. Here are some of them today enjoying being turned out on a nice spring day. They are all doing so well! Thank you for your support that makes all of this happen!

Workshops with Dawn Hayman – 2022 Dates

We are excited to announce that we will be reopening for workshops in 2022 after a two-year hiatus due to COVID. Use the button below to go to our Workshop page to learn more about the two different workshops Dawn is teaching and for the 2022 dates. There is a form on that page to […]

Celebrating O’Malley

  Celebrating the Life of O’Malley This week we lost one of the biggest characters in cat form that we have had here at Spring Farm CARES. O’Malley was larger than life and one of a kind. He had many nicknames over the years but most prominent was Mr. O’Malley or Professor O’Malley. He just […]

Featured Animal of the Week: Our Pigs!

Our featured animals of the week are our American Guinea Hog pig family. Eloise came to the farm in 2018 from an animal neglect case. She was in very poor condition and we soon after found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to 6 piglets. All seven will stay here in our sanctuary for […]