Animal Message of the Day: Mary

From Mary: “Someone told me once that if you can’t quite reach something you are trying to get, then it is best to move to another position and find something else. Like when there is a great patch of clover but it is just over the fence out of reach. It does no good to stand […]

Animal Message of the Day: Jose´

From Jose´: “There is nothing in this world more beautiful than love and friendship. You can have all the food in the world and still be starving if you don’t find a way to nourish your heart and soul. I have known lean times, both of food and of love, and I have nearly withered […]

Animal Message of the Day: Mr. Kitty

From Mr. Kitty: “One should never underestimate the power of the purr. Purring is pure love and gratitude. It is a sound cats make that is meant to be shared and not stored inside. Each cat has their own unique purr. It is our signature and special gift for those we choose to share it with. […]

Animal Message of the Day: Finnegan

From Finnegan: “There is nothing more joyful than understanding when you have found your home in life. Home is not just a place to live but it is the place where you know the deepest part of yourself is safe to rest. It can be that home is found in the hearts of others who […]

Animal Message of the Day: Marty

From Marty: “Life is like a song and each of us carries our own piece of the music. I love to feel my own song inside myself and then push it out there for others to hear it too. I’ve noticed that humans don’t take the time to stop and appreciate each other’s songs. I […]

Animal Message of the Day: Leo

From Leo: “I have a love for the mystical things in nature. Have you ever watched a dragonfly? I mean really watched them? They glow with colors that illuminate them like a little beam of light. I love watching them hover near me in the pasture. They are so delicate yet so strong. They are […]

Animal Message of the Day: Marsha

From Marsha: “People see me as being blind, but actually they are not seeing me but are only seeing the lack of function in my eyes. My world is far from dark. I see things in a different way. Maybe even in ways that those of you with sight never get to see. I see […]

Animal Message of the Day: Lizzie

From Lizzie: “I take such comfort in the warmth of the sun. I love slow days that are soothing to the soul. I am healing. I didn’t even know that I needed to, but I did, and I am. I can see that now that things are looking brighter. I had let a sadness kind […]

Animal Message of the Day: Flora

From Flora: “I may seem like a plain white goat. I used to think that too. Just a goat with nothing to offer. I had no purpose. I had run out of hope. I just kind of survived each day with my other goat friends. But as I grew old, I outlived all of my […]

Animal Message of the Day: Noah

From Noah: “There is so much in life to be grateful for but sometimes difficult times can cloud our minds from knowing the truth that is in our hearts. Our hearts know the truth of love and gratitude and kindness. Anger, bitterness, hatred, and judgement are not natural to the heart at all but are […]

Animal Message of the Day: Pizazz

From Pizazz: “I’ll tell you what I appreciate is when someone takes the time to get to know me before they label me and judge me as something I’m not. I’m frequently misunderstood. I’m different. Not difficult. Just different. The only thing about me that is difficult is that people don’t try to understand me. […]

Animal Message of the Day: Nell

From Nell: “I love to feel the wind on my face on a nice day. I love to feel the sun on my back. But none of that would be as meaningful without my friends beside me. I have come from great pain and upheaval and even lost an eye. But I am grateful for […]

Animal Message of the Day: Clark

From Clark:  “Oh my goodness! Let me tell you how fun it is to be a goat. I mean, seriously, it is an absolute blast. I love my goat body. I’m little and cute and people like to hear me make my cute little goat sounds. It always makes them laugh. So when I see […]

Daily Animal Messages Start November 26th!

Each day from November 26 – December 31, as has been our annual tradition now for many years, we will share with you a message from one of the animals of Spring Farm CARES. We hope this will provide you with a bit of inspiration for your day. But first, Dawn’s dog Jessie just had […]

Memorial for Mack

Mack – October 31, 2020 This memorial is difficult to write because there is so much to say. Today, we said good-bye to the last of our SFC dogs, Mack. Mack was a giant of a spirit. He was estimated to be at least 15 years old and he was with us for the past […]

Memorial – James Bond – “JB”

James Bond – “JB” Today we feel the shock of an enormous and unexpected loss, leaving us with the reminder of how fragile life can be, how precious each moment is, and why we are here. James Bond, lovingly known as JB, came to us in June of this year. We didn’t have him with […]

Be Kind to Animals Art Contest Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Be Kind to Animals Art Contest!   Below we feature the winners’ submissions. The winners are: Matilda Terrell, Age 11 for her poster submission (bottom) Ave Copeland, Age 13 for two photographs ( left) Haley Copeland, age 11, for her drawing and photograph (right)   All […]

A New Life Walks onto the Farm

Life is Beautiful! In today’s example of the beauty if life, I have to share a story. For the past couple of weeks, a doe has come down behind our house every evening and some mornings. She caught our attention because she always was looking for something in the grass and we assumed she had […]

A Reminder That Life is Beautiful from Mary Beth

A reminder that Life is Beautiful:   From Mary Beth: “I find the most beautiful things in life can be very small things, but they make me feel so good inside. It can be just the rays of the sun shining through my window, filling me with warmth, and the knowing that life is full […]

New Digs for Goats Clark and Snowball

For today’s installment of Life is Beautiful: Our two little pygmy goats, Clark and Snowball, moved to their new summer digs in our newly built goat yard. This yard is complete with their own little shed. Now we are seeking to make them a play yard inside as well. Goats love to have their own […]

Simple Beauty in Life

Life is Beautiful   Today, more than ever, we need to remind ourselves about the beauty in life and the connection we hold with nature, the planet, and each other. We can find beauty in the simplest of things. This photo I have shared is just a tiny space where I stopped to breathe for […]

Inner Vision

Meet Piper We don’t have to have eyes to see inside one another. But in order to see another, we must first be able to look inside ourselves and understand who we are. Vision comes not from the eyes, but from within the heart. To be able to look at ourselves without judgment, allows us […]

Look Inside for Change

Today I’m sharing a message from an amazing horse who taught me so much and continues to do so from spirit. This is my reminder of beauty for the day. I look forward to more of yours. From Deeteza: “The world can change in the blink of an eye when you realize the power you […]