Miracle Update on Timmy!

This is not just a video of a goat eating. This is a miracle! For those of you who read our newsletter, you read about special needs goat Timmy. Timmy was born with a severe brain abnormality. We got him at just a few weeks old, after his goat mom rejected him, and his humans could not care for his special needs. No one thought Timmy would even live to see 6 months old. Timmy has no natural ability to graze. He only will eat from a bottle. Even at 18 months old, he still has to be fed a bottle twice a day. We understood from the beginning that Timmy had a strong will to live. And we have accommodated his special needs and adapted to him along the way. This video to you will be a boring video of a goat eating hay off the ground. But for us, this is nothing short of a miracle. This is the first time he has done this. We are hoping he will continue with this! This boy has defied the odds for sure.

We are grateful that we stuck with him and trusted his journey. He has lived life the way he wanted and needed to and we have just been supporting him even when it seemed that all odds were against him. It is incredible he is alive and has grown to a normal size and seems healthy. Something is shifting in his brain now for the better.