Message of the Day – From Dawn Hayman

From Dawn Hayman: Today we stand on the threshold of one year ending and another beginning. We turn the page to a new chapter as we gently break in the binding of our book, remembering the last chapter, and eagerly starting the next to see where our story goes. Today is the start of a new decade, a new year, a new month, and a new day.  The past 34 days we have shared with you some of the messages received from the animals who call this sanctuary home. It never ceases to amaze me how they see life and how they approach things with gratitude and unconditional love. We learn so much from all of them.

My hope is that these messages brought something to your heart as we moved through the holiday season. I am grateful to every one of these animals. And I am grateful to all of you. Many of you have shared with us that you spent time reading these messages daily with your children and families.  Some wrote comments that the messages touched you at a time when you needed to hear that very message. We’ve heard of groups of senior citizens sharing the messages each morning at the start of their day. We heard of more than one family that used the messages at their Thanksgiving and Christmas family dinners. And I know that some of you in the depths of feeling alone, read the messages and felt understood and heard.

All of this has been very humbling. I hope as we now step into this new decade that we remember what the animals have shared and taught us. I hope we remember to look for the light even when we feel at our darkest times. That we remember that no matter how hopeless things seem, they will change, if only we give it the chance. That gratitude can be for the simplest of things and that love is always a guiding light. I hope we remember that kindness has a greater power to make change and bring peace than any other force.

We wish you all the best and hope that you will join us in creating a world filled with kindness. Because this is, after all, our story to write. As we turn the page today, you as the author of your own book, have the ability to change the world.

In the words of my old horse friend and teacher, Deeteza, “Believe in it and it shall be so. It is the natural force of the universe to do so. Just be the you that you are meant to be. No one else can do that but you.”

Happy New Year! Many Blessings!