Memorial – James Bond – “JB”

James Bond – “JB”

Today we feel the shock of an enormous and unexpected loss, leaving us with the reminder of how fragile life can be, how precious each moment is, and why we are here. James Bond, lovingly known as JB, came to us in June of this year. We didn’t have him with us for long, but he instantly became a piece of all of our hearts and the soul of this farm. JB was a gentle giant. A 24-year-old Saddlebred gelding who was dearly loved his whole life and who simply came to retire with us and spend the rest of his days here. He did just that but we expected him to be with us for at least 10 years. JB lived with one person for 22 years and he was very grateful for his time with her. We only got to share the last 3 months of his life but we are all the richer for knowing him.

JB had a heart of gold. He was incredibly sweet and gentle and loving. He was kind to humans as well as fellow horses. He had just bonded with his new herd with Kernel and Cammie and was in the process of welcoming a new addition who just arrived in the past two days. He was dignified and graceful. He was careful and thoughtful of where his body was at all times. He fit in here instantly. There isn’t a person here who wasn’t smitten by his loving nature and gentle soul. He leaves behind what feels like a big hole right now, but in reality, he gave us all an incredible gift. For as much as it hurts to say good-bye, we are all the richer for having the opportunity to love him.

Today, JB spent a beautiful day out in his pasture with his two buddies. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. Sunny and cool and few flies to contend with. He grazed contentedly and thoroughly enjoyed his day. When we went to bring him in, he suddenly just laid down. But he got up again and was led back to his stall. But when he got in, he collapsed. Our veterinarian was only 10 minutes away. But it appears a valve in his heart may have ruptured or some other coronary event happened. He left us just a few short minutes later, leaving us all stunned.

Tonight, the horses in the barn are very somber. They hold his memory in their hearts. A huge part of their herd has departed. All of them held sacred space for him.

Life can seem so chaotic and challenging. Please take a moment, in honor of a heart who loved beyond the greatest capacity, to be thankful for the loved ones in your life. Let’s not forget what matters most to each of us. Let’s not forget to be kind when we can show kindness, to show love when we can, and to hold a space in this world for change and hope. That is what JB did. And now we must continue on as he would have hoped we would.