Meet Laney – A special kitten with special needs

Meet Laney, a very special little girl with very special needs.
Laney is 7 weeks old but is extremely small for her age. She just came in on Thursday. We are asking you to join us in sending heart energy and prayers to this amazing dynamo who has a big challenge ahead of her.
For those of you following us, you will remember Miss Dandy, the kitten born with Atresia Ani which is a condition where the colon does not connect to the rectum. In 30 years of sanctuary work and rescue, we had never once seen that before. So what are the chances of twice in just a few months? Yep, Laney has the very same condition. Only her case is even more complicated than Dandy and she is much younger and smaller.
The surgeon looked at her on Friday and he has signed on for the journey to see if we can help her. We are very grateful. Laney sure wants to try. She has some other challenges as well that you will see in this video. Right now, Laney is dragging her back legs and walking on her knees. This is due to a problem in her lower back. It is most likely caused from an injury to that area. That problem is less concerning to us as we feel there is a chance for rehabilitation and healing. But first, she needs to be able to defecate, so that is the priority.
We normally do not post these stories until we have a clear picture of the outcome. But this huge soul in a teeny tiny body has come to us with great purpose. She is a bright light. So, while we have no idea what the outcome will be, we know this: Laney is full of life and is asking for help. We will do all we can and all that she can handle.
Surgery should be scheduled for the upcoming week. Please hold her in your thoughts and prayers.
Miss Dandy is making a full and complete recovery. She is running around the big hall playing and filling everyone’s hearts with joy. She is growing so fast and catching up to where she should be. She is a miracle. And now, we hope for a second one as well.
What we do know, is that whatever the outcome, Laney is being showered with love and surrounded by hope and joy. She is also sharing all of that with us. This is her journey. We will support her all we can. And the choice will be hers each step of the way. We will let her lead us on this journey.