Look Inside for Change

Today I’m sharing a message from an amazing horse who taught me so much and continues to do so from spirit. This is my reminder of beauty for the day. I look forward to more of yours.

From Deeteza: “The world can change in the blink of an eye when you realize the power you have to change it. If you want to change the world around you, you need to look no further than inside yourself. Find the beauty within you and that beauty will change the world. Find the peace within yourself, and that peace will change the world. Heart by heart. Breath by breath. Start within and you will see something amazing unfold.”

We will try to post each day something to remind us about the beauty of life. Let’s remind one another about the beauty all around us. Plants, animals, rocks, humans ….. all of life. Share what you find in your day that matters. And if you are feeling lost and in the dark, then go outside and find just one thing in life to look at and appreciate in that moment. Even if it is a blade of grass. Let your heart feel the beauty that is there for you. Hold it there in your heart for a moment and let it spread throughout your day. Step by step you will build back hope. Heart by heart we will bring back kindness. The human heart is strong and full of love and compassion. It’s time to free it from the chains that bind it. Let your compassion flow.