Featured Animal of the Week: Ziek

Ziek is a Quarter Horse gelding who was born in 1999. He came to the farm in 2016 with his donkey friend Henry. Ziek has a lot of trouble with allergies and is on medication as well as allergy shots. He also gets weekly acupuncture treatments which is a very big accomplishment given that Ziek absolutely hated needles when he came here.
Ziek is very happy here and is bonded with his pasture mate Brandy. He loves being outside and is especially happy to see fall arrive as that is his favorite time of year. Ziek is a very kind horse who has definitely seen a lot of wear and tear over the course of his life. He also can be just a tad stubborn but we won’t tell him I said that! He is happy to be in retirement now and we do all we can to treat his allergies as well as his physical aches and pains.
Ziek would love another sponsor! (They can have more than one sponsor!)