Featured Animal of the Week: Sesame

It’s time for our Featured Animal of the Week – Sesame

Sesame is estimated to have been born in 2017 and arrived at the farm in 2018. Sesame was found by a landlord who was cleaning an apartment after tenants left and opened a dresser drawer to have a cat come bolting out. She had been abandoned and locked in there for days. Luckily, they were able to catch her and they brought her to us. Sesame is very shy but also extremely friendly. That experience was very traumatic for her but she has learned to trust again.
Even though Sesame is shy, she is still very curious. She loves to climb up very high and watch everything from above. She also loves to go outside on her enclosed porch. Someone donated us a big wheel that the cats can run on. Many of the cats will not even try to use it. But Sesame loves to jump on and take a spin.
Sesame currently does not have a sponsor but would love one! The animals truly do feel the energy of being sponsored. And animals can have more than one sponsor too!