Featured Animal of the Week: Minnie

Meet sheep Minnie!

Minnie came to the farm in 2018 as a companion for our lone sheep Daisy who had just lost her goat companion and needed a buddy. Minnie also needed a place to retire as she had incurred a hernia after lambing at the farm where she lived. At the time, it wasn’t obvious how large the hernia would become or that it could not be remedied. We didn’t know how long Minnie would have with us, which depends on her comfort level, but Minnie is still going strong. She is a lady who clearly has her own timeline and lives life on her own terms. She is a great companion for Daisy. Now a third sheep, Mary, has also joined their little flock. In the good weather, they spend time grazing up on their hillside pasture. But right now, they are hunkered down in the warmer barn where they have not even cared to venture out even on sunny days. They all said, no thanks, we are good inside here! Sheep are not dumb!