Featured Animal of the Week: Max

Meet Max

If ever there were a poster cat of Spring Farm CARES, Max would be the ideal candidate. Max is the embodiment of all that Spring Farm CARES is here for. Check out his incredible story…
Max was born in 2014 and came to the farm in 2016 after he had been hit by a car and not only lost his tail but also then was left bowel and bladder incontinent. Max has had lots of medical issues stemming from his original injuries. But he remains a most loving and friendly boy. After years of expressing his bladder twice a day for him, in 2020 we suddenly were faced with a situation where we could no longer get the urine out. His bladder stopped functioning at all. But Max clearly was not ready to call it a day, even though his body was in dire straits. It required a lot of research, ingenuity, and two gifted surgeons to get him where he is today.
Max has had a port installed directly into his bladder that attaches to a connection on the outside of his belly. Three times a day, we attach a syringe to that port and remove the urine. While this sounds extreme, and also understanding that not every cat would be comfortable with this, Max is thriving. The port does not seem to bother him at all and he totally leaves it alone. He is the happiest and most comfortable that he has been since he came to us. Max has our on staff veterinarian, Dr. Christine to thank for all of this as she felt his intense desire to live. And he does thank her everyday since she is his favorite human and he lives in her office with her. Max is an amazing cat, living an amazing life. Your support gives him a second chance that he’d otherwise never have had.
Amazingly, Max does not have any sponsors and would love some. He could use several actually!