Featured Animal of the Week: Coal

Featured Animal of the Week

Meet Coal
Coal is estimated to have been born in 2016 and came to the farm in fall of 2017. When Coal came to us he was in really bad shape. But now he is doing very well. Coal’s story is worth telling because he is a perfect example of the mission of our organization and the impact these animals have on so many lives. At first look, most people would look at Coal and say “oh that poor cat” and walk away without having a chance to meet him. Coal is not “a  poor cat” nor is he a lost soul. Coal has found his place in life and indeed may be more content in being who he is than most humans get the chance to find in ourselves. Yes, Coal’s story is a tough one. He was found on the streets alone, starving, and sick. A good Samaritan rescued him and brought him to a veterinarian for care. Unfortunately, not only was Coal abandoned but he tested positive for both FIV and FeLv. Instantly, most places probably would have stopped right there and euthanized him. But the veterinarian who tended to him saw past his disease and his immediate condition and saw the soul inside this cat who desperately still wanted to live. It just so happened we had just lost an FeLv cat ourselves and we were able to offer Coal a place to live and heal. But the most amazing thing about Coal is that he also came here to offer us something as well. Coal is an amazing cat who is all so willing to share the love and gratitude that fills his heart. There isn’t a human here that doesn’t love and appreciate every second they spend with Coal. And Coal will have a place with us for the rest of his days.
Coal currently does not have a sponsor and would love to have one or more!