The Beauty of Life

Ok, folks, we are starting a new series to try to help us through the challenges!

There is no doubt that these are trying times. It also seems that something is trying to happen within the heart of humanity. Something is trying to awaken deep within us. A wisdom of the human heart is inching its way further into conscious awareness. The knowledge that we are all connected. We need each other now more than ever.

At the start of the COVID pandemic, we began posting an animal message a day to try to help us all through the challenging times. Now, we have a growing social unrest as the human heart comes into more awareness that indeed we need to work together. We need to remember the truth that we aee all connected an in this together. We need to respect each other and find the kindness and compassion that is our innate nature.

People ask me all of the time, “why do animals love unconditionally and humans can’t?” See, I don’t believe that premise is true. Humans have the same capacity to love unconditionally. But we have separated ourselves away from the wisdom of our hearts. It’s all still right there. We just haven’t been listening.

In the past few days, I am hearing people say that they have grown despondent now. Things are opening back up and people have already forgotten what they started to feel during the shutdown. There is fear that things will go back to where they were before … where we were less aware of our need for connection. Where life takes off in the fast lane and we forget again what that connection means. People are telling me they are watching the unrest and feel totally hopeless.

So, we knew we wanted to try to help again. Spring Farm CARES’ mission has always been about the human heart and our connection to animals and nature. Never before has our mission been more front and center. I went to the animals and asked them, “what can we do to help people not lose hope?”

“Let’s show them the beauty around here,” said Noah, donkey, “and then maybe they can start finding beauty around themselves too.”

“People must not give up,” said Mabel, donkey, “That has been part of the problem with you humans all along. You need to keep faith even when you think you can’t find it. When kindness is not evident, that is when it is needed the most. When compassion is lacking, that is when it is needed the most. The true strength of spirit is to be kind when no one else is being kind around you and to be compassionate when it is lacking most. All it takes is one light to shine to light the darkness. Just one. It is easy to be compassionate and kind when that is what is happening all around you. But what you are being called upon to do now is to create compassion and kindness in the face of hatred and despair. You can love your way out of despair and hatred. It all starts within you.”

So, today I am announcing a new series. I am going to post something each day that reminds us of the beauty in the world. It can be a photo or a story or a thought or a quote from an animal. And, we’re going to invite you to do the same in the comments section. Let’s remind one another about the beauty in the world. Plants, animals, rocks, humans ….. let’s bring on the beauty of all life. Share what you find in your day that matter to you. . And if you are feeling lost and in the dark, then go outside and find just one thing in life to look at and appreciate in that moment. Even if it is a blade of grass. Let your heart feel that beauty. Hold it there for a moment in your heart and let it fill your day. Step by step you will build back hope. Heart by heart we will bring back kindness. The human heart is strong and full of love and compassion. It’s time to free it from the chains that bind it. Let your compassion flow.

Let’s do this together. What beauty can you find and share in your day? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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