Animal Message of the Day – Woodward

From Woodward: “Sometimes gratitude is measured in tiny little steps rather than giant leaps. Life was rather difficult for me as I was outside trying to survive. And then an animal grabbed me and I thought I was going to die. I didn’t. But I couldn’t walk and I was helpless. A human found me and picked me up. I wasn’t used to humans and they were scarier than the animal that attacked me. But they brought me here and that’s when things started to change. Like water droplets, drip by drip, I started to understand a different kind of safety. In order for me to walk again, I needed their help. Sometimes the things we fear the most can offer the greatest healing and gifts. That is what I am learning. I can walk again. And play. And my purrs now represent a whole new level of happiness and understanding. I am grateful to be home.”