Animal Message of the Day: Woodward

Animal Message of the Day

From Woodward:

“What brings me happiness is being a cat. I love being a cat. I love how my body moves. I love my purr. I love being able to climb and scratch and roll and stretch. I also love my other cat friends. I don’t know if I’ve found very many humans though that appreciate being a human as much as I do being a cat. Humans tend to think too much. And you think that is intelligence. But intelligence is also knowing when to not over think things. Intelligence is about being. Just being. When is the last time you allowed yourself to just be in a moment without timing it or worrying if you should be another way or do something different? It is true that cats do not have the worries that you do. But don’t underestimate what we know and understand. Because sometimes just appreciating each other is the greatest form of intelligence anyone can ever have. It is heart smart. You should love being human as much as I love being a cat.”