Animal Message of the Day: Tommy

From Tommy: “Life is a giant playground of so many things to explore and to find. I know as soon as I see the daylight start to peek through the barn windows each morning that there will be things to find in my day that will bring me great joy. I expect that every day and I always find something that brings me joy. And each night, as the barn grows dark, I listen to the sounds of my friends breathing. The horses, the other goats, and even the birds – all of us share in the quiet of the dark. We find comfort in being together. And we enjoy the moment of peace and wonder about what the next day will bring. I am grateful to be alive.”
This concludes our animal message a day series for 2023. Thank you all for listening to and sharing with the animals and all of us. We all have so much to be grateful for in life. We sure are grateful for all of you. All the best for the new year ahead! – Dawn