Animal Message of the Day: Teddy

From Teddy: “I am a cat with a definitive purpose in life. Some people have said I’m uncooperative and difficult, but they really don’t understand who I am. Because if people truly got to know me, they’d understand that I am just being me. If you don’t feel people understand you, you are not alone. It’s kind of a people thing. I am not saying that cats are superior but in some ways they kind of are…. it is just how it is. You need to lighten up with one another. If you don’t understand why someone does what they do, maybe you don’t really know who they are. Maybe they are doing the best they can with the circumstances they have. Maybe they are just lost. Maybe they just need a cat to help them find their way. You see, the irony is that I was born without eyelids, meaning I can’t close my eyes. So, I have seen way more than the average cat or person even. Whereas some people need to open their eyes and look more closely at things, my struggle has been to close my eyes. I’ve had a lot of help. But we all have struggles. And we can’t always relate to or understand someone else’s plight. But we are always better off trying to be compassionate. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that makes the difference. Don’t make life so difficult. Feel for one another. All of us animals need you to do that for the sake of the whole world.”

In an effort to help us all through the stress, fear, and challenges faced by the COVID-19 virus, we are posting an animal message a day. (All messages through animal communicator/co-founder Dawn Hayman) The animals were each asked: What do you feel appreciation for in your life? Or “What would you like to share?”