Animal Message of the Day: Sheena

Animal Message of the Day

From Sheena:

“When you close your eyes at night after your day is done, do you feel content? Do you rest with a sigh of how good your day was or how full your heart is? Or do you count the items you didn’t get done and worry about what the next day will be like? Each day, we have an opportunity to be grateful for exactly what we have in this moment. We owe it to ourselves to be thankful for what we do have and not measure our lives or our days by what we got done or didn’t get to. Why would a cat tell you this? Because I feel endless humans come in to my room with the worries of all they didn’t do or should have done or think they can’t do. And through that fog, we can’t reach them. My cat friends and I try. But until you stop measuring your days by worries about what you don’t have or can’t find, you will never understand the riches that you already have inside your heart. If you could go to bed tonight and fill your thoughts with all you have to be grateful for, you will wake up truly different tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to say this. Thank you.”