Animal Message of the Day: Romeo

Animal Message of the Day

From Romeo:

“Listen to me my human friends. It is far greater to try things in life and fail than to never try anything at all and die empty. I may be just a rabbit to you. If you are thinking that, then you don’t understand rabbits. Actually, you may not understand one another either. I think indeed that is the case. You look at each other and animals with expectations of how we would think or not think or be. You categorize everyone and everything and label it so that you know what you can expect. But you don’t accept anything outside your own silly parameters. You box yourselves in. It’s ok, because we still accept you for who you are anyway. But you limit yourselves with your limiting thoughts. A rabbit is just a rabbit after all, you think. What would a rabbit know? But I’m here to tell you that this rabbit knows a lot. And your limitations are holding you back from great growth and from receiving great gifts from animals and nature around you. That is just what I see. I have tremendous respect for you. Truly. Now go carry on with your day.”