Animal Message of the Day: O’Malley

From O’Malley: “When one is as handsome and wise as I am, it is important to stay humble.  Just because we are good at something, doesn’t make us right all of the time. We can know a lot of things but it is important to know that what we don’t know most of all is what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes or paws. Just because I see the world one way, doesn’t mean that you will see it as I do. And most likely, we will not see it the same. Each of us carries within us a piece of the universe that is waiting to be expressed. No one else has the same piece that you do. No one else knows exactly what it is you know. So why do you waste so much time trying to compare yourself to others to validate who you are? Don’t waste your time. No one can know exactly what you know in any given moment. But when you can share what you know from a place of compassion and kindness, you can help others find their way. The Universe is waiting for you to step in to who you are. What are you waiting for?”

In an effort to help us all through the stress, fear, and challenges faced by the COVID-19 virus, we are posting an animal message a day. (All messages through animal communicator/co-founder Dawn Hayman) The animals were each asked: What do you feel appreciation for in your life? Or “What would you like to share?”