Animal Message of the Day: Ollie

From Ollie: “I appreciate others who do not have agendas. I admit, I sometimes carry a bit of a grudge for things that happened in the past. No one will believe this but I was bullied a lot. I lost my home because a human entered our lives that didn’t understand me at all. Next thing you know I was out on the street. Then I got picked on by other cats. No one seemed to accept me. I was down and out and I didn’t like that at all. But then I was brought here. I’ve not always been an easy cat. I am learning about being grateful actually. But I think I have a ways to go on that. Maybe I need to soften a bit more as well. Ok, I’ve got some work to do. But I am grateful to not feel pushed to change. I am grateful for all the kindness shown to me even when I sometimes have not been as kind as I should have been. I strive to do better.”