Animal Message of the Day: Nell

From Nell: “I love to feel the wind on my face on a nice day. I love to feel the sun on my back. But none of that would be as meaningful without my friends beside me. I have come from great pain and upheaval and even lost an eye. But I am grateful for the one eye I still have and to have the gift of friends who keep me secure. To never be alone again is a blessing I will cherish forever. One day I thought my life was over but I discovered instead that it was just beginning. Don’t give in to despair over endings. Endings are just doorways and where one thing ends another begins. There isn’t even a gap. It is just a step in awareness. Look past your endings to your new beginnings and embrace the gifts that await you there. And hug and cherish your friends. May your heart know the comfort of love and may you be warmed by sunshine and a soft breeze on your way.”


Each day from November 26 – December 31, as has been our annual tradition now for many years, we will share with you a message from one of the animals of Spring Farm CARES. We hope this will provide you with a bit of inspiration for your day.