Animal Message of the Day – Molly

From Molly: “I am grateful for all of the smells that tell me what kind of day it is and what is happening. When I lost my eyesight, I thought my life was over. But I never could have dreamed how much it helped me to grow. I am grateful for this farm and everyone who creates and maintains this space for me to be safe and free to be who I really am. I can tell what my caretakers are feeding before they even reach my stall. I know what various grasses are in the hay and what variation we may have from the last feeding. I can tell what the weather is by the smell in the air. I can smell sunshine and I can smell rain. And I can feel everything around me. I know when people are happy or when they are sad. I understand so much more in my life now than when I could see. My world is not one of darkness. It is filled with more than I ever knew was there. I think people need to close their eyes more and open their hearts. You would be amazed at what little things you’d find to hold with gratitude.”