Animal Message of the Day: Molly

Animal Message of the Day

From Molly:

“Every year I have been at this farm, which is a long time now, I have been asked this question. I love to share what it’s like for me to have no eyes and still be able to see more than most of you with two. I don’t say that with any judgment or negativity. I truly don’t. But you humans sometimes get very set in your ways and you tend to see things through a very narrow lens. If you could see with your heart, you would see so much more beauty in the world. I can see smiles because I feel them deep within me. I can still see colors because I can feel them and smell them and taste them. I can see the truth of whoever stands before me, even when they themselves cannot. I see their beauty. I see their tremendous worth. And I hope that by sharing just a momentary touch or breath together, that they can see themselves through my heart. You are all truly beautiful creatures. And I am happy to see you inside of my heart the way I do. I hope you’ll try that too. You’d change your world into something you’d find much easier and safer for all of you.”