Animal Message of the Day: Merlin

Animal Message of the Day

From Merlin:

“I may not see as well as I once did. I can’t fly like I once enjoyed. My body is a bit more rickety now. But my joy is still flowing. I love all of my friends of so many species. I have cats and birds and rabbits and guinea pigs and of course humans. Over the years, I loved my dogs too. I used to be able to call them and they’d come over and I’d drop food to them. It was funny. Yes, I miss the ones who are no longer here. I’ve seen a lot of lives come and go. One day I too will leave this body. But when I do, I will leave richly filled with the most amazing experiences and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities of this lifetime. Your life if your most precious gift. Don’t waste it worrying about how you are doing. Just live it the best way you can. And be grateful and kind and loving. You can never go wrong with that.”