Animal Message of the Day: Max

Animal Message of the Day

From Max:

“Oh there is so much to be happy about. One could look at me, and maybe some people do, and think that I have a lot of problems in life. But, you have to realize that I had problems in life for sure. But what I also found were a lot of solutions. If you focus only on the problems and difficulties in life then you will miss the very solutions you are looking for. Be on the ever lookout for miracles because they will find you. But you have to be willing to welcome them. If I stare at my empty food bowl and focus on the fact that there is nothing in there, I could be filled with sadness. But if I look at that empty food bowl and feel grateful that I just ate all the food and there will be more coming, then I will live in a state of gratitude and hopefulness. Not everyone has a bowl that gets filled. A lot of cats would do anything for the ability to even have a bowl. My point is this, you need to focus on what you have and what is coming and not on the problems for which you can’t in this moment see the solution. The solution will be shown to you when you welcome the answer, and not a moment before that time.”