Animal Message of the Day: Mary Beth

Animal Message of the Day

From Mary Beth:

Mary Beth: “I have a very unique view of life. Seriously, I’m not talking about something philosophical here. This is anatomy and science. I was born with my head crooked and I cannot lift my head up very far. So I have always seen and experienced life from a different and unique perspective. No one here sees things the same way that I do. But in reality, that is true about all of us. Each one of us has a unique look at the world. But there is not a single one of us that sees things the way they really are. Each of us sees our own unique little piece. When we put them all together, we get a grander view and a deeper understanding. But when we criticize how another sees the world, we are losing a key piece of understanding and perspective. We should listen to what each of us sees because when we do, we’d all be a lot happier. I guarantee you that I see things about you that you might not even see about yourself. And you may also look at me and think you see a perspective about me that is not true for me. We need to listen to one another without judgment and always with compassion. We’d learn so much more.”