Animal Message of the Day: Mary

From Mary:  “It’s not easy being the cutest sheep in the flock! That was meant as a little sheep humor but I truly am grateful for this wonderful body that I am in. I love being alive. I love the sun on my body when I’m out grazing with my friends on a nice day. I love being with my other sheep friends. I love hearing birds singing. And I really enjoy watching butterflies. I find them so magical. There is so much to be grateful for in life. My heart fills with the beauty and wonder of nature. And I love feeling so close to the Earth. On really quiet winter days, when the conditions are just right, I swear I hear the heartbeat of the Earth. If you humans could learn to be more quiet, I bet you could hear and feel that too. It is magnificent and deeply loving. It is good to feel our connection to the Earth. She is our mother and it is good to feel her love. I am most grateful for all of that.”