Animal Message of the Day: Mary

Animal Message of the Day

From Mary:

“I like when there is a sense of quiet around me. Sometimes life moves too darn fast. What the heck is the hurry? You all speed around like you have to be somewhere that you can’t get to fast enough. But you rarely stop to enjoy where you are. If you’d enjoy each moment, you would actually get to where you are headed much quicker and with way more joy and peace. I have had a lot of change in my life. Many times I didn’t belong where I was. Sometimes I was alone and frightened. Yet, it was all that change that brought me exactly to what I was looking for – a family. If I hadn’t gone through the discomfort of change, I’d still be alone and afraid and certain that there was no hope for anything else. Instead, I ended up finding sheep friends and lots of animal and human friends who treat me like I’m special. Slow down. Be in the moment. One thing is certain. Things will change. They always do.”