Animal Message of the Day: Marco

Animal Message of the Day

From Marco:

“Hi there! Marco Guinea Pig here. It’s a pleasure to chat with you today. Although this is a mostly one-way conversation now isn’t it? I hope you are listening and enjoying the messages we are sharing with you. I love it here. I love hearing all of the different points of view and there is such wisdom everywhere. Even the cats have interesting things to say. Some of them are a bit on the pushy side if I may say so. But each of us has our own place in life. I love to take little pieces of food and stash them away for later. I don’t think my humans have caught on to that yet. But some things in life are just meant to be savored. You know what I mean? I’m told I can ask you to participate here. Tell me what are some of your things in life that you savor? Come on, make this little guinea pig’s day and share your thoughts with me.”