Animal Message of the Day – Mabel

From Mabel: “I am now and old woman and I have ever so much to be thankful for. One can never overstate the power of love. I have felt it and experienced this myself. Love can pull you through the hardest of times and help you reach for stars that you never thought to be possible. Love needs to be shared and felt and experienced. You cannot measure love but love will help you measure up to everything in your life. The greatest gift I know is the ability and freedom to love. Why do humans make this so complicated? I have an entire herd of donkeys that look up to me for guidance. And each of them also supports me in return. We all come from different backgrounds. We are all different ages. But when we stand together, we are present with one another in a sacred moment. I am grateful for those moments. Allow yourselves to find that in your lives too. You won’t regret it. I promise.”