Animal Message of the Day: Luna

From Luna:  “I’ve done this message thing for many years now. I found out that you humans really do listen to my messages. A few years ago I said I was most grateful for peppermints. Whoa, you should have seen the avalanche of peppermints that came my way. Of course I shared. But I can’t eat peppermints anymore. I’m getting older now. Have some teeth issues. And have had a few health things too. But I’ll tell you what I’m most grateful for now in my age. I’m grateful for this farm. My home. The home for so many of us who were homeless. To be able to know the love of a home is what I am stupendously grateful for. Yes, even more than I used to be grateful for peppermints. Love is a wonderful thing. My heart has a home and my heart is full. So if you’ve helped by helping the farm for being here and continuing onward, then I am doubly grateful to you for that. That’s it from me, Luna, this year. Oh, and rest assured, I am still my sassy self. And I’m also grateful for that!”