Animal Message of the Day: Luna

Animal Message of the Day

From Luna:

“I love participating in this every year. But why do you only look for inspiration from us once a year? Seriously, you should come check in with us more often. Now, being a goat offers me a very unique perspective in life. I love being a goat. Goats really have something special. We have a connection to the earth that is very strong. And we also love to play and be silly. You humans need more of all of those things. When I see a human taking things too seriously (which is like everyday!) then I have to jump into action. A goat body is made for expression. I can make people laugh in an instant. I can make them talk baby talk to me and do the silliest things. And if need be, I can be downright annoying as well. I admit it, it’s true. My message is simple. Wake up each day and have your first thought be that you have awakened to a new day. All the rest will unfold. Wake up with gratitude. Go to bed with gratitude. If you would do that, your whole life would change. But who would believe a goat anyway?”