Animal Message of the Day: Libby

From Libby: “People have often thought I was shy when in fact I was timid. I didn’t see the point in trusting people as nothing was ever permanent. But it is clear to me now that this time is different. Our donkey family unit is intact and we have been invited to participate in something very different. We are finding humans who actually want to listen to what we have to say. And for that, I am starting to get a little braver and step forward a little quicker. I think I’m going to really like how life goes forward now. Where before I only could see hardship, I’m now seeing opportunities. Here is what I want you to know.  When things get hard, don’t give up. Good things can come out of nowhere and change your life. I am very grateful for those who stepped in and changed mine. I have so much to give. And I’m learning how to give it now. I hope you’ll come see me someday. There is so much to share.”


Each day through December 31, as has been our annual tradition now for many years, we will share with you a message from one of the animals of Spring Farm CARES. We hope this will provide you with a bit of inspiration for your day.