Animal Message of the Day: Leo

From Leo: “Hello, it’s me Leo. Some of you may remember me and some of you may not. But that is your choice of course. I’ve been doing this every year since I was but a baby. I ask every year if I can give a message. But this year I want to tell you why I feel this is so important. Not everyone learns to listen to animals let alone think that we can have big feelings and dreams like you do. We are just in different looking bodies. But we have hearts and souls just like you do. I always find it interesting why Dawn comes and asks us what we are most grateful for. We animals are grateful by nature. The real question is what you humans are most grateful for. I think you tend to forget or ignore the most amazing things around you. You focus on what you think you are missing or don’t have and then you mull that over and over again. Every single one of you is as blessed as we are. Find something to be grateful for today and focus on it. It can be the sun. Grass. A tree. Your family. A friend. But just know, there is always something out there for you. That is what I have for this year.”